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    The Deep Aqua Mirror

    First appearance: Act 27 (Manga); Episode 110 (Anime)

    The Deep Aqua Mirror is Sailor Neptune’s Talisman. She could use it to preform the attack Submarine Reflection; the Mirror could also be used to reveal the truth and show the weaknesses of enemies. 

    In the manga, Michiru was already in possession of the Deep Aqua Mirror by the time the third arc began. She often carried it around with her and used it in her daily life. The Mirror supplemented Michiru’s innately strong intuition and she often consulted it to see visions of the future or pending threats. Michiru would also use it as a regular hand mirror and would preen in it. If the Deep Aqua Mirror was brought into contact with the other two Talismans (the Space Sword and the Garnet Orb), they would summon the forbidden Solider of Destruction, Sailor Saturn.

    At the end of the third arc, Sailor Neptune entrusted the Deep Aqua Mirror to Sailor Chibi Moon, giving it her as a token of the promise the Outer Senshi made to someday come back when they were needed and reunite with Chibi Moon and the others. Throughout the fourth arc, Chibiusa held onto the Mirror; Rei occasionally used it to compliment her own psychic powers. Towards the climax of the arc, Chibiusa used the command Submarine Mirror to locate the Outer Senshi and send the Mirror back to its rightful owner, Sailor Neptune; she quickly followed behind and reunited with Neptune and the others.

    In the anime, the Deep Aqua Mirror’s functions and origin were much the same. However, it had a more ornate appearance; instead of being a simple golden mirror, the back was deep aqua green and bore the symbol of Neptune. The Mirror was also originally sealed with Sailor Neptune’s Pure Heart Crystal; after it was extracted, Sailor Pluto used her Garnet Orb to separate the Talisman from the Crystal, allowing Neptune (along with Uranus) to survive and use her Talisman. As in the manga, Michiru often used it in her civilian form (both as a regular mirror and as a supplement to her 6th sense) and kept it with her at all times. In the anime, however, the Deep Aqua Mirror didn’t summon Sailor Saturn when it was brought together with the other Talismans; it summoned the Holy Grail.

    Other notes:

    • The three Talismans (the Space Sword, the Deep Aqua Mirror, and the Garnet Orb) are based off of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan, which consist of the sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the mirror Yata no Kagami, and the jewel Yasakani no Magatama. Of the three, the mirror was said to represent wisdom.
    • The Deep Aqua Mirror’s design seems to be based off of this hand mirror, which was created by Albert Mayer; he was an influential 20th Century sculptor/designer who worked for the well-known German metalware firm Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik (or WFM).
    • The Deep Aqua Mirror was the second most seen and most used Talisman; the Garnet Orb is the first.
    • In the manga, the Mirror seemed to be able to supply Michiru with extensive information on the Silver Millennium, complimenting her own memories; using it, she was able to see that Mamoru Chiba was the reincarnated form of Prince Endymion and that Hotaru Tomoe was the reborn Sailor Saturn.  

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    From the Sera Myu Doujinshi “Fire” by Strix and found on Sera Myu Antics.

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    now we are practical men of the world, we tether our dreams to the turf

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